Simultaneous bottom and top inline inspection


PowerSpector BTL Bottom & Top In Line Automatic Optical Inspection Systems

The fastest inspection of PCBs after Reflow, Wave or Selective soldering & placement of SMT & THT components.

  • Patented lighting synchronization allows both heads to inspect at the same time.
  • Eradicate the need for flip stations – remove potential for stress on assemblies and improve long term reliability of solder joints.
  • Reliably detect solder and components related defects from both sides using up to 18 cameras.

Integrate inspection into all stages of the production process for total process optimization:

  • Components: SMT & THT (missing, type, polarity, offset, text, colors, etc.)
  • Passive Component Height and Coplanarity
  • Solder Paste and CIP (Components in Paste; pre-reflow)
  • Soldering: Post Reflow, Post Wave, Selective, Manual
  • THT solder inspection

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