Mek (Marantz Electronics) 9 camera AOI

9 Camera AOI

Mek (Marantz Electronics) 9 camera technology

9 camera AOI

Get the Complete View.
Inspect Classify and Repair

Mek 9 camera AOI technology for optimal visualisation of PCBs

Mek 9 camera AOI technology delivers full visual coverage of components from the side. Generally, side cameras are being used to replace microscopes for defect verification, but Mek side cameras are also able to automatically inspect components and find defects.

To keep inspection times to a minimum, 8 side view capturing sensors are active simultaneously. The exact 45⁰ angled wide view provides visual access to points that were previously thought impossible to view.

Mek side view sensors provide high quality images to aid operators in the defects classification process, thus minimising human mistakes. Those same images are stored in a database.

Imagine all your PCB’s virtually in your hands with 8x views of every single component in microscopic 50x magnification!

• 1 Orthogonal Sensor & 8 Side capturing sensors in 45/45 arrangement

• Simultaneous operation of all cameras

• Triple use of side cameras: Inspection, Classification, Repair

• Auto 8-Channel 50x Microscope for visualisation of defects

• 10µm Side Capturing Resolution

• Fits 45-degree PCB designs


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