Mek SpiderEye Machine Vision


Static AOI for
the automated
inspection of
moving objects

Mek SpiderEye Machine Vision Technology

The Mek SpiderEye Machine Vision System is a static AOI system for the automated inspection and identification of moving objects.

Ideal for use across countless industries to detect defects and verify parts for product assembly, SpiderEye is totally portable and can be quickly mounted virtually anywhere on the production line. This flexibility eliminates the need for investment in multiple static machines.

Once attached into position by its integrated magnetic feet, the system is simple to install and exceptionally fast and easy to programme, straight out of the box, with no need for any onsite engineering support. The Mek online training tool, iMentor, provides extensive, up-to-date online training with step-by-step pictures and videos.

It can be moved to entirely different inspection tasks with ease and without new factory supplied software. Short, first batches can benefit from the same inspection as longer-term mass production lines.

SpiderEye Machine Vision systems are derived from Mek advanced AOI technology which was developed for the inspection of micro-miniature components in surface mount electronics assembly. A significantly large proportion of faults and defects in other manufacturing industries are far larger – and therefore detected with absolute ease.

SpiderEye features eight, high resolution, high speed USB3 Vision Interface Cameras operating simultaneously, each with their own controlled LED light source. All image capturing devices are controlled by proprietary, state-of-the-art electronics and programmed by a single computer and controller with the same powerful 22X software engine as Mek AOI machines. Mek SpiderEye utilizes just a single software interface to control and program all eight cameras – no need for multiple inspection programs.

The Mek vision software provides all the algorithms to cope with any inspection requirement. This includes full color, complex pattern matching imaging and profound condition based decision algorithms, the ability to decode all types of 1D and 2D barcodes, advanced search capability for the inspection of unstable points and text decoding via OCR or verification via OCV.

Inspections can be performed while the object is moving, either on a conveyor or more commonly on a robotic arm, with the moment of inspection triggered by a sensor.

Libraries can be created to further minimize future programming time.

SpiderEye is fully compatible with the Mek Catch System for inspection data collection, repair and SPC.


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