Mek now available via Live Chat

Mek Live ChatWe have introduced a Live Chat function on our website to further enhance the Mek customer service experience. Statistics show that more and more website visitors want to communicate with us in real time. And one of the most effective ways to do this is on our website via live chat.

2021 has seen major investment in the Mek service and support offering and now with the installation of the new Jivo Chat application we have made customer contact and communication even easier.

Customers no longer have to stop what they’re doing and pick up the phone or send an email when they have a question. They can just connect while they’re on the Marantz Electronics website. It’s quick, and convenient and faster than any other digital service channel.

Initially visitors to the website can chat anonymously without providing personal details like email or phone. Customers can use the new chat function to have real-time conversations to enquire about specific AOI or SPI products or request more information about support issues and options. Any questions or concerns can be handled directly and efficiently. The Live Chat function will also make it much easier for businesses to contact and interact with Mek from anywhere in the world, with our chat lines manned for both European and American time frames. If for some reason we are unable to respond at any time, you can leave a message and one of our engineers will jump on it as soon as they can.

“We wanted an efficient and economical way for our customers to reach out directly to us on our website – JivoChat has provided that and helps us create a more comfortable and connected experience for our website users” commented Henk Biemans, Managing Director of Mek (Marantz -Electronics).




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