Mek (Marantz Electronics) meniscus-profiling

Meniscus Profiling

Meniscus Profiling

Inspect Solder Joints
with Ease

Verification by Meniscus Profile

Multi-Colour, multi-angle lighting visualises the solder joint shape in 3D projection. By analysing the reflections, quality of the solder joint can be determined. The shadow free illumination by the perpendicular lighting system and other omnidirectional lighting systems ensure solder joint quality inspection of any shape and height of any component orientation.

• Solder joints verification by meniscus profile

• Multi-Colour multi-angle lighting visualises solder joint shape in 3D projection

• Eliminates need for angular cameras and warp compensation

• Instant switching between lead and lead-free technology

• Shadow free illumination by perpendicular lighting system


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