MEK SpectorBOX

Dedicated Integration Into The Assembly Line

The Nutek Main Frame is a turnkey AOI solution allowing easy integration of one or two SpectorBOX modular AOI systems into the production line. It is a cost effective way to combine Bottom-Up and/or Top-Down inspection.

Mek SpectorBOX Nutek Main Frame with doors open

Built for flexibility, it can be configured to the output of any wave or selective soldering system. The ergonomic design is optimized for operators to have eye-height monitors as well as wrist height keyboard and mouse control. This makes operation easy whether in a standing or seated position, even when dual SpectorBOXes are in use via double monitor configuration. A manual mode allows for smooth offline programming preparation.

The Nutek Mainframe is SMEMA compliant and easily connects with your existing SMEMA compatible material handling.

Maintenance without stopping the production line

The Nutek mainframe allows maintenance access to the SpectorBOX from both front and back. Service and maintenance can be executed, with a minimal use of space, on whichever side of the production line is most convenient.

All electrical controls for the SpectorBOX are located in the Electrobox behind the monitors. This allows installation or de-installation of SpectorBOX systems from the front or back without removing the complete unit from the production line. The line does not have to stop because the SpectorBOX does not make physical contact with the conveyers.

The leveling mechanisms for the SpectorBOX units are built into the Nutek Main Frame and a SpectorBOX can easily be removed and reinstalled via the slider rails without complex leveling activity or opening the production line.

Totally Modular AOI

The Nutek Main Frame facilitates the insertion of SpectorBOX or a combination of two SpectorBOX modular AOI’s in the following positions:

  • Top-Down to inspect products on the main feed conveyor
  • Bottom-Up to inspect products on the main feed conveyor
  • Bottom-Up to inspect products on the return conveyor

In standard trim, the Nutek Main Frame comes with a tooth belt conveyer and optical stoppers. The conveyer holds assemblies up to 15kg. The black anodized rails reduce reflections from the inspection lighting to minimize the influence of components mounted near the rails.

A solid crank allows adjustment of the conveyer width. Customized options of the conveyer system are available. The Main Frame cover plating will be adapted to suit the specification of your production line and products to be assembled.

Mek also offers comprehensive support for other independent integrators by providing 3D CAD files and the necessary electrical and timing diagram documentations. A dozen integrators have already been able to integrate SpectorBOX into their solutions successfully.

Contact Mek or your local distributor if you want to custom-integrate the SpectorBOX into your own production line.



SpectorBOX in Nutel Mainframe
The SpectorBOX can be mounted at any height to match the conveyer height and assemblies. This is valid for both Top and Bottom inspection units.
Top Down AOI DE
Equipped with SpectorBOX in Top-Down inspection application with 9 camera’s and 130mm clearance

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