ISO-Spector S3 Series

5D Solder Paste Inspection Systems

The new ISO-Spector S3 series is a 5D Solder Paste Inspection system offering a comprehensive suite of advanced features, at a very low cost.

About 70% of all defects in surface mount technology lines occur in the print process. Intercepting these defects with SPI before they happen reduces rework costs, provides instant yield improvement and accelerates return on investment.

The ISO-Spector S3 series SPI machines boast a range of features designed to improve efficiency and optimize the solder paste printing process:


Ring light - 5D SPI systems

Ring Light

The Outline of the solder paste is extracted through the use of a 360 degree ring light that projects against inspection objects (solder paste). This method of inspection isolates solder paste on the PCB and performs three dimensional measurements to achieve more reliable inspections.

3D projectors-5D SPI

3D Projectors

The camera captures the Moire created from the dual projectors. The strip pattern is shifted to create multiple samples. This pattern is used to calculate the relative height of the solder paste

Z axis focus - 5D SPI

Z Axis Auto-Focus

PCB warpage is measured during the inspection and adjusts the height of the camera automatically to compensate for the PCB warpage.


S3 series SPI - Multiple resolution switch

Resolution Switching

Customizable resolution options provide total flexibility in inspection capabilities. Choose between Standard Resolution, High Resolution, and Super High Resolution modes. Multiple resolutions means a wide range of pads can be inspected with one machine.

5D SPI Systems - Foreign Material Inspection

Foreign Material & Glue Detection

Detect solder smear and PCB contamination for outside of the aperture detection. Glue detection option to check correct glue application for wave soldered SMT applications.

ISO-Spector S3 series - adjustable touch screen

User-friendly GUI & Adjustable Touch Screen

Information is easily accessible and operations are intuitive. The angle of the touch screen can be moved up to 10°upwards and 25° downwards allowing operators to find the most ergonomic position.

SPC & Catch

Live SPC data for printing trends and distribution histograms. Enables fast diagnosis of printing issues. Compatible with MEK Catch system.

Closed Loop

Full compatibility with the MEK Catch system facilitates Closed Loop integration with stencil printers and pick and place machines, enhancing overall quality and efficiency.

Bad Mark Communication

Share skipped PCBs to reduce programming functions on later machines.

Fast creation of inspection programs - ISO-Spector SPI

Fast Creation Of Inspection Programs

Inspection programs can typically be created on the ISO-Spector S3 SPI machine from Gerber data in as little as 3 minutes. Part number registration using mount data is easily achieved with offline programming software.

The ISO-Spector S3 SPI series comprises 3 models of SPI machine including low cost models, making this advanced technology accessible to a wide range of manufacturers. With more than 5200 systems installed over the past decade, the S3 solder paste inspection technology is well-respected and proven in the industry.

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