MEK 5D Solder Paste Inspection Systems

Powerful & Accurate Combined 2D & 3D Measurements

Mek 5D solder paste inspection systems (SPI) are designed to monitor and control one of the most critical steps affecting the finished quality of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Solder paste deposition is the key process in board assembly operations and modern electronics manufacturing trends are increasingly abandoning costly repairs in favour of prevention through improved process control.

With the introduction of 5D Solder Paste Inspection systems all types of print process errors can be reliably identified and prevented. Two dimensions (X and Y) are needed to measure area parameters such as offset, smearing, shape and bridging. The third dimension (Z) adds additional height and volume information. Combining the best techniques to identify anomalies in each axis clearly improves the ROI for SPI equipment and enables a next generation of closed loop process control.

Research has identified that over 60% of end of line defects can be traced back to printing errors. Intercepting these defects with SPI before they happen reduces rework costs, provides instant yield improvement and accelerates return on investment.

Reasons to use SPI

Many printing errors can be caused by incorrect printer setup, stencil damage, stencil design or type, solder paste type, solder paste conditions or a collection of several issues.

Mek expert Solder Paste Inspection system installers can advise on solutions to prevent solder print issues as well as aid customers to make their own studies on how to improve their process control.

• 70% of defects are typically printing related. Prevent them!

• Detect Anomalies in the printing process before they lead to defects

• Instant yield improvement; Quick Return on Investment

• Reduced rework costs

solder paste printing errors

The Mek ISO-Spector S2 5D Solder Paste Inspection machine (SPI)  is a new breed of powerful process control tool.

ISO-Spector S2 SPI

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