Conformal Coating Automated Optical Inspection

Automatic optical inspection of conformal coating on PCB assemblies. Inspect coating coverage, splashes and bubbles.

Mek iSpector JUz, PowerSpector JUz and SpectorBOX JUz systems deliver the ultimate solution for conformal coating inspection. UV light enhances discrepancies, contamination or process issues.

Used after manual spray, automatic spray and dip coating applications, the systems deliver reliable coating defect detection.  They cover the components, the area around the components and identify most coating issues including cracks, bubbles, insufficient / excess coating, loss of adhesion and other common contaminations.

Unique algorithms and dedicated strategies allow easy and fast programming with high detection coverage.

  • Automatic Optical Inspection of Conformal coating on PCB’s. Inspect coating coverage splashes and bubbles.
  • Full inspection coverage at an entry level price.
  • Powerful algorithms to achieve an optimal balance between defect detection and false reject levels in shortest time
  • Flexible classification and MES integration via SQL or XML (option): integrate AOI efficiently into your existing operations and factory IT systems
  • High intensity UV source Tune to ideal UV florescence of 365 nm
  • Low noise large CCD 24 bit colour camera high speed USB3 vision interface
  • Multi mode lighting: White only, UV only, white plus UV, white and UVwhite
  • Programmable from library or golden components
  • Comprehensive and easy to use online training suite, iMentor.

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