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Selective 3D AOI Systems from Mek (Marantz Electronics)

As an industry leader in Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for PCB assembly, we’re constantly refining and developing our product range in line with the needs of our customers.

Every one of our desktop AOI and inline AOI systems is optimised for the demands of today’s advanced SMT applications and critical manufacturing environments.  All are capable of delivering Selective 3D, using our unique stereoscopic imaging from the 9 cameras of the GTAz /GDAz optical heads.

Our Desktop AOI machines can be conveniently positioned anywhere in your factory to transform inspection accuracy and operator control. Placing minimal demands on factory floor real estate, these leading-edge Automatic Optical Inspection machines are ideal for a broad range of inspection and test requirements. As well as inspecting for reflow manufacturing defects, pre and post reflow, they are often used in labs or other offline locations for testing samples without holding up the production line. With similar capabilities to Mek inline equipment, improved quality and increased throughput can be achieved within a small footprint.

The Mek PowerSpector BTL AOI offers inspection of the bottom and top side of PCBs after Reflow, Wave or Selective soldering and placement of THT & SMT components.

Easy programing and flexible inspection algorithms provide complete coverage of SMT and THT production issues. Optional defect tracking and SPC analysis provide seamless factory integration. Offline programming is available to free up system time for production and enables live program updates from a remote station.

Our range of Selective 3D AOI Systems


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