Multi-functional, Modular

Desktop AOI

The Mek i22X benchtop, multifunctional AOI is a powerful tool for visual inspection and traceability, especially for small precision parts.

The i22X AOI runs on three precision axes (four axes on the i22XDA-300) easily controlled by the mouse. Combining a 5 megapixel camera with the lighting style of your choice, it effectively checks solder joints, wrong components, polarity,  label presence/absence, text, barcodes or numerical IDs on parts and detects color differences.

An easy-to-operate rotary table offering 360° horizontal rotation for omnidirectional inspection (-180° to 180°) is available on the the i22DX 300 model. Just select the rotation angle with the mouse.

i22x-300 AOI rotary table
Automate The Visual Inspection Process
  • Wide Range of Inspection Uses
    • Component Inspection
    • Solder Inspection
    • Part / Color Difference
    • Missing / wrong components
    • Text Inspection
    • Barcode reading
  • Traceability: Automatically saves inspection results & barcode information
  • Inspection Range Up to 500mm
  • Choose Lighting to Fit Your Application: White Lighting, DOAL, RGB Lighting, Red Side Lighting
  • System Configuration: Inspection Unit, PC, Display, Controller, Switchbox, Safety cover.
i22x AOI inspection-Components inspection
Components Inspection
i22x AOI inspection-Polarity
i22x AOI inspection-Insufficient solder
Insufficient Solder
i22x AOI inspection-excess solder
Excess Solder
i22x AOI inspection-Bridge
i22x AOI inspection -Blowhole
i22x AOI inspection-Missing pin
Missing Pin
i22x AOI inspection-Solder ball
Solder Balls



i22X Multi-functional AOI

Mek i22X AOI video

Mek i22X Models

i22X 200
Mek i22XDA-200 AOI
i22X 300
Mek i22X-300 AOI
i22X 500
Mek i22X-500 AOI
i22XDA 300
Mek i22XDA-300 AOI

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