MEK Entry Level AOI

High-quality AOI With A Low Price Tag

As an industry leader in Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), we’re constantly refining and developing our AOI product range in line with the needs of our customers.

The latest generation of Mek iSpector entry level AOI systems are designed for customers with low volume, high mix production requiring high-quality AOI with a low price tag.

Lowest cost of ownership AOI

Providing a rapid and repeatable inspection process, at an affordable cost, our entry-level AOI systems combine high performance and the lowest cost of ownership. They are fast to install with the help of iMentor online training and installation guide and are exceptionally easy-to-program.


Mek iSpector desktop AOI logo

The Mek iSpector  AOI system is able to inspect component bodies and solder joints by use of DOAL, Main and Side LED light sources from three different angles, creating a meniscus profiling light pattern. Available as both benchtop and inline AOI.


VeriSpector AOI logo

Mek VeriSpector is a low cost assembly station AOI for use on manual and semi-automated SMD and THT assembly lines. Although optimized for PCB Assembly tasks, the assembly station AOI module is also ideal for use in other disciplines.


The Mek i22X benchtop, multifunctional AOI is a powerful tool for visual inspection and traceability, especially for small precision parts. It effectively checks solder joints, components, polarity, labels, text, barcodes or numerical IDs on parts and detects color differences.


All Mek entry level AOI systems are fully compatible with Mek’s Catch System for classification, repair and SPC, utilizing the same powerful 22X software that is used in the premier Mek PowerSpector series.  There is no compromise on the wide range of inspection algorithms and component libraries.

Offline programming and Debugging is an optional extra. Our OLT22X offline programming software uses images captured from the AOI to create full AOI programs and can also be used to do live offline programming debug. The offline programming software simulates the machine and can therefore perform almost all the same functions during programming that are available on the AOI system.

Our range of Entry Level AOI Systems

VeriSpector AOI

Assembly station AOI for use on manual and semi-automated SMD and THT assembly lines

Verispector manual assembly AOI
iSpector JDz

Affordable desktop AOI. Optical flexibility, minimal programming & optimum inspection.

iSpector-JDz-520 desktop automatic optical inspection system
iSpector JDz inline

Affordable inline AOI for optical flexibility, minimal programming & optimum inspection.

Entry level AOI - IspectorJDz
i22X Multi-function AOI

Benchtop, multifunctional AOI for visual inspection & traceability.

i22X benchtop multi-function AOI

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