MEK Inline AOI

Realtime Yield Enhancement

Mek Inline AOI systems can be easily positioned to fully integrate with your assembly line.

A valuable part of your workflow process, Mek inline AOI systems will directly identify errors and emerging process trends. Refining even the most complex process, they deliver optimal productivity for every electronics manufacturing environment.

Mek PowerSpector inline AOI systems, featuring the new J series inspection head, are designed for maximum defect coverage whilst maintaining short programming times. They can be equipped with 9 cameras: 1 top and 8 side cameras.

Powered by JTAz/JDAz inspection engine for quality inspection of solder joints

The PowerSpector JTAz/JDAz 9 camera series, up to 2 times faster than the previous generation of Inspection head, is designed for customers for whom production quality is priority.

Differences between JTAz and JDAz

The JTAz series is optimized for SMT with a Top Clearance of 30mm and side cameras with 10µ resolution and 4 angle lighting.

The new JDAz series targets inspection of taller THT components with a top clearance of 60mm and side cameras with a larger Field of View and 20µm resolution. A larger 3 angle lighting system secures optimal meniscus profiling in combination with increased top clearance. In most chassis this does not sacrifice the maximum inspection area.

The JTAz and JDAz inspection heads

JTAz/JDAz are the most versatile inspection engines from Mek, reliably inspecting SMT and THT component bodies for presence/absence, type, polarity, offset, text, colours etc. and components solder fillets for excessive, insufficient, no solder, shorts, lifted leads etc. Suitable for use in pre-reflow, post-reflow, post-wave and post-selective soldering, it can also be used for 2D solder paste inspection and first article inspection.

With a revolutionary Passive 3D capture technique utilizing the side cameras, 3D component images are created using all 9 cameras (JTAz only). The addition of a 4th white light angle on the JTAz head allows for real light side images of these 3D components.

Combining its high resolution top camera with telecentric lens and new, unique multiplexed 8x ‘USB 3 Vision’ side-camera technology, with Tilt-Shift lenses in 45/45 orientation, found defects are presented to classification and repair stations like an automatic-9 fold microscope. For the orthogonal camera a lens resolution between 10µ and 18.75µ per pixel can be selected, to accommodate the smallest component placed on the assembled PCB’s.

The 4 light sources with 2 different colours originating from different angles create a detailed profile of solder menisci, while the white main light results in real colour representation of components. With the DOAL (Diffused On Axis Light) that projects exactly 90⁰ on the target components, solder quality can always be inspected even when tall components are present.

The 30mm Z axis allows for compensation of warp and the ability to focus in on the tops of tall components and Sub PCBs mounted above the normal plain of the PCB

The XY drive gantry with ball screw mechanics allows high speed inspection while maintaining high accuracy and precision. Specially coated shafts deliver quiet operation and minimal wear for lowest maintenance AOI and calibration requirements. Several chassis with different PCB loading possibilities including direct loading and manual or automatic drawer loading with integrated automatic clamping systems. are available to create a comfortable operating environment, minimise PCB loading/unloading efforts and save time.

Mek’s process control system, the Catch System can network multiple Mek AOI machines into a completely closed loop process monitoring and quality control system uniquely optimised for each user’s workflow and internal organization.

PowerSpector platform Inline AOI systems are available in sizes M, XXL and XXXL with inspection areas of 350 x 250mm, 650 x 550mm and 800 x 550mm respectively.

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