Mek Catch System

SPC & Traceability

In the electronics manufacturing industry, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and traceability play a crucial role in ensuring product quality, reliability, and compliance.

  • Proactively identify and mitigate variations and defects through statistical analysis.
  • Collect and analyze real-time data to detect trends and implement corrective actions.
  • Maintain consistent product quality and reduce the risk of defects.
  • Provide comprehensive record-keeping of the entire production journey.
  • Quickly trace and isolate issues or defects.
  • Facilitate recalls or repairs when necessary.
  • Minimize costs associated with rework or recalls.
  • Build trust with customers by ensuring product reliability and traceability.

Mek Catch System

Mek’s process control system, the Catch System can network multiple Mek AOI machines into a completely closed loop process monitoring and quality control system uniquely optimised for each user’s workflow and internal organization.

The Mek Catch Process Control System offers the special advantage of utilising an especially competitive open source SQL database capable of managing huge data quantity, multiple users and numerous machines. In addition to the SQL based network control center module, the Catch System comprises three additional modules which each manage a particular component of the workflow and connect to the physical and administrative layout of the factory: CS Repair for defect classification & repair, CS Watch for process monitoring and CS Analyzer for batch SPC and analysis.

CS Center (Data Management)

CS Center is the core of the Catch System and is responsible for data collection from one or multiple Mek inspection machines. CS Center stores the data in an enterprise level database PostgreSQL. It can generate XML output for third-party data management solutions and can also be used as a remote control to control all Mek inspection systems from one location.

CS Repair (Defect Classification & Repair)

CS Repair is the part of the Catch System that is used for post-classification, confirmation and repair of defects. It reads and writes from and to the enterprise level database PostgreSQL that has been populated by CS Center so there is always up to date status of any inspected point. CS Repair can generate XML output for third-party data management solutions. It fully handles barcode (panel and PCB) and rack setups.

CS Watch (Process Monitoring)

CS Watch is the real time monitor of the running production. CS Watch reads from the enterprise level database PostgreSQL with the purpose of providing valuable inspection statistics that can be read in the wink of an eye. All data, like actual first pass yield, defects, false defects, shift analysis etc. are shown in easy to read numbers or pareto diagrams. CS Watch can be installed infinitely so the data can be accessed from practically every computer in the factory.

CS Analyzer (Batch SPC & Analysis)

CS Analyzer is the part of the Catch System that is used for Statistical Process Control (SPC) and track-n-trace of inspected products. It is a complete solution to analyse defects, yield and repairs per batch, order, product, part, etc. With the extensive drill-down analysis of data, causes can be concluded to prevent defects from happening in the future. It generates pre-set and fully customisable reports of any parameters.


Catch also includes the option to Connect to the Mek PowerSpector Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system, allowing the user to determine if the solder joint defects can be directly linked back to solder print issues. By linking barcodes together the results can be compared.


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