MEK ISO-Spector

Full 3D AOI With Unique Artificial Intelligence

The ISO-Spector M2 is Mek’s flagship full 3D Automatic Optical Inspection system with Artificial Intelligence. The M2 AOI features the electronics industry’s highest hardware specifications and introduces an exceptionally convenient fast automatic programming method while achieving production ready inspection results with very short cycle times.

Our Artificial Intelligence

The programming of the ISO-Spector M2 AOI system is exceptionally easy and programmer-independent. This means that the inspection results are the same when programmed by a beginner or by an expert. This is because of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) which learns the production process values of assembled and reflowed PCB’s then recognizes defects based on hundreds of preset parameters. This applies especially to solder joints, which are typically the most difficult and time consuming to program in AOI systems.

Solder joints inspection is completely reliant on Machine Learning via Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Mek Iso-Spector M2 system continually learns from process tolerances, from the good solder joints, from defective ones, from its own mistakes and coninues to learn during production, never forgetting the past. It learns the different pad designs of different users. The AI changes its decision strategy depending on the solder joint shape and component type, yet need not be feared – it still gives the programmer the freedom to change parameters if necessary. The result is a close to zero false calls rate with the absolute optimum detection of defects.   The ISO-Spector M2 is probably the first and only AOI in the market with these kind of Artificial Intelligence capabilities and one of Mek’s most innovative achievements in its 25 years of experience.

Cameras and Field of View

For self-learning AOI to be possible, the initial measurement results need to be accurate and reliable. At the heart of the ISO-Spector M2 is a 25 mega pixel camera & advanced lens optics, multiple Moiré fringe projections, multi-color multi-angle light sources and multiple side view camera’s with the industry’s fastest data transmission interface and most accurate data per pixel. The high number of pixels is necessary to create as large a field of view as possible so that larger components, like connectors, can be captured while maintaining resolution for the small solder joints in the same view. Inspection speed is also increased as the camera makes fewer movements. The field of view is a massive 69mm x 69mm (2.72” x 2.72”) which is currently the industry’s largest for a 3D AOI system. These hardware features ensure accurate height/volume measurements on component body’s, solder joints, leads, pins and any other object types up to 25mm’s (1”).

The large FoV combined with an industrial grade computer ensure short cycle times, even when fully utilized, including foreign material detection across the complete printed circuit board area. The side cameras are designated to support solder joint inspection and other areas for inspection which are not visible to the main camera.

Programming is possible offline and is interchangeable between multiple systems. The ISO-Spector Automatic Optical Inspection System integrates fully with the FIBER system for classification, repair, traceability and SPC.

ISO-Spector Offline Programming & Debugging

To reduce production downtime costs related to system programming,  for inline AOI solutions offline programming is usually a ‘must’ rather than an ‘option’.  An Automatic Optical Inspection machine that is part of the manufacturing line cannot be occupied for any substantial period of time or it can potentially form a bottleneck in production.

For 2D AOI systems it is the norm to have offline programming stations available, but it is far less common to create programs offline for Full 3D AOI systems. This is because of operational and technical restrictions of the hardware.

Unique for Full 3D AOI systems, Mek ISO-Spector allows 100% of programs to be completely developed offline. A full 3D profile of the board is acquired during the first run of the PCB and there is no need to import the centroid data and libraries first.

The Mek offline programming station is also a full debugging station that enables the fine-tuning of programs remotely and on-the-fly, during production. As the full 3D profile data of every inspected PCB is available after each PCB measurement during production, any defects found can be analysed and debugged wherever necessary.

Then, with literally one push of a button, the parameters on the ISO-Spector AOI system are updated. Only a network connection is required.

There is always a Mek 3D AOI solution.

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ISO-Spector Demonstration

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