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The latest generation Mek iSpector inline Automatic Optical Inspection system is designed as an entry-level system for customers with low volume, high mix production requiring high-quality AOI with a low price tag.

iSpector is able to inspect component bodies and solder joints by use of DOAL, main and side LED light sources from three different angles, creating a meniscus profiling light pattern.

Using our Colour Histogram analysis provides accurate and reliable inspection results, with low false calls.

Inspecting Solder fillet : Side red + LED Diffuse-On Axis LED
Solder fillet : Side red + LED Diffuse-On Axis LED
iSpector jdz-inspecting for Polarity
IC polarity : Diffuse-On Axis LED
iSpector jdz-inspecting Laser text
Laser Print text : Side lighting
iSpector jdz-inspecting for missing components
Detect dark colored components : Main lighting + Diffuse-On Axis LED

Providing a rapid and repeatable inspection process, at an affordable cost, the entry-level AOI system combines high performance and the lowest cost of ownership. It is fast to install with the help of the iMentor online training and is exceptionally easy to program.

iSpector is a lead screw and servo drive AOI system.

Designed to be the ultimate in value for money, the AOI utilizes software which has been continuously developed and proven for over 20 years.

  • Clean and Simple Interface with powerful features
  • Full programming capabilities
  • Solder inspection, component presence/absence, polarity and value.
  • Z axis allows the inspection of taller components and hybrid PCBs
  • Import NC Data from your pick and place system or most popular CAD/CAM software.
  • Utilize our extensive custom Libraries to provide fast programing times and reliable results with low false fails.

The Mek iSpector series is fully compatible with Mek’s Catch System for full traceability and industry 4.0 readiness. There is no compromise on the wide range of inspection algorithms and component libraries. The Catch System comprises the following modules: Database CS Center, CS Repair, CS Analyser and CS Watch.  Catch is a fully scalable solution from single AOI stations to multiple machines.

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