iSpector JD & JDz

Entry Level AOI

iSpector desktop AOI

iSpector JD(z) Entry Level AOI Systems

Mek iSpector JD & JDz – affordable AOI systems, available as desktop or inline.

New entry-level AOI-systems, the Mek iSpector JD and iSpector JDz deliver the fastest return on investment for EMS customers that seek optical flexibility, easy programming & usage and the highest inspection performance guarantees.

What makes the JD and JDz AOI platforms different to other AOI-systems?

The JD/JDz AOI systems feature a 5 megapixel camera. In combination with coaxial lighting and the 3D meniscus profile, the machines can inspect whether a PCB has good solder, no solder, lack of solder or excess solder for both SMT and THT solder joints.

The JDz uses a Z-axis for maximum flexibility in THT and sandwiched SMD inspection. The Z-axis enables inspection of objects at different height levels such as sandwiched PCB’s, tall components or positional measurement of tall connector pins. The Z-Axis can move the complete inspection head equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, including the coaxial lighting system, resulting in a large Field of View of 36.0mm x 30.0mm and 15µ resolution.

This flexibility, combined with fast software programming times, result in the perfect AOI system for customers with low volume, high mix production requirements looking for high-quality AOI with a low price tag.

The AOI systems are available as a Desktop AOI or Inline AOI with a high clearance for THT and SMT.

  • Clearance on iSpector JD(z) Desktop System: +40mm (1.6″) -70mm (-2.2”) (optional +60/-70 mm )
  • Clearance on iSpector JDz Inline System:  +40mm (1.6″)-60mm (-2.2”)(optional +60/-70 mm) from the PCB surface.

The Mek iSpector series is fully compatible with Mek’s Catch System for full traceability and industry 4.0 readiness. There is no compromise on the wide range of inspection algorithms and component libraries. The Catch System comprises the following modules: Database CS Center, CS Repair, CS Analyser and CS Watch.  Catch is a fully scalable solution from single AOI stations to multiple machines.


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