Automated Through Hole Inspection

Overcoming the challenges of THT inspection:

Long programming times and high false call rates are two fundamental concerns that have traditionally stopped THT manufacturers from implementing automatic optical inspection.

Mek THT AOI overcomes these challenges of automated through-hole inspection with a unique combination of mechanical, optical and software design alternatives, unavailable in many conventional systems.

In addition to unique, low profile bottom-up, top-down, modular and bottom + top mechanics with 9 camera capability, the software and detection strategy employed directly addresses the wide variations in THT joint appearances. We don’t use commercial component libraries like many other manufacturers – the SpectorBOX algorithms are histogram based measurements capable of delivering high yield and high detection rates.

Detectable defects include:

  • Mounting errors; no pin, no solder, solder without pin
  • Solder deficiency; pin without solder
  • Solder Ball detection
  • Land wetting defect; pin present, solder attached to pad
  • Convex fillet with no discernible lead
  • Meniscus deficiencies
  • Improper wetting leading to poorly shaped connection
  • Circumferential wetting deficiency or excess

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