MEK Modular 3D AOI

3D Direct Volume Measurement of Solder Joints & Pin Height

SpectorBOX X1

3D Modular THT AOI Solution
SpectorBOX x - desktop and inline
  • 3D direct volumetric measurements of solder joints
  • Pin height measurements
  • Shape analysis of solder joints
  • Press-Fit penetration inspection
  • Effective high-gloss solder reflection suppression enhancing repeatability and reliability
  • Minimal shadow effects from tall components enhancing repeatability and reliability
  • High-clearance over 150mm (5.9″) on the THT components side
  • High-clearance over 100mm (3.9″) on the THT solder side for use under various conveyer systems
  • 60mm Z-axis for inspecting at different heights

The SpectorBOX X1 delivers direct volumetric measurements of solder joints from Selective, Wave, Robotic, Pin-in-Paste Reflow, and Manual soldering systems. Drawing on Mek’s extensive experience in THT soldering measurements, this compact 3D modular AOI offers an impressive high clearance of 150mm (5.9″) and beyond on the THT components side and over 100mm (3.9″) on the THT solder side, enabling comprehensive 3D THT solder joints and component inspections.

With effective shadow and high reflection suppression, along with high repeatability rates in 3D volumetric measurements, the SpectorBOX X1 redefines quality control standards, all while maintaining a highly competitive price point. Its compact design, separate control box, and I/O options make it easy to integrate into existing conveyor systems.

SpectorBOX Modular THT AOI Solution

  • Designed for THT Solder Inspection of Wave, Selective, Robotic, Laser and Hand Soldered boards
  • Anomaly detection for bridges, balls and foreign material
  • Component inspection with high clearance possibilities
  • Easy Exchangeable and Serviceable module concept
  • Suitable for Top, Bottom or Top+ Bottom side inspection
  • Integrates well with custom conveyor systems for efficient inspections within solder frames
  • Adopted by many integrators into complex THT production lines
  • Complementing Mek’s VeriSpector for Manual Assembly Guidance and Inspection
  • Connects to Mek’s Catch system for handling inspection data for Repair, SPC, Monitoring, and MES communication
  • Catch system runs by Win11 Platform. Managed by IT divisions outside the factory floor

The Mek SpectorBOX modular AOI platform is expertly designed for inspecting Wave & Selective Soldering in both through-hole (THT) and surface mount (SMT) components on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). It seamlessly integrates with conveyor systems, allowing for efficient inspections within solder frames.

In THT assembly lines, where custom-built solutions and handling systems for dedicated products are the norm, standard SMT AOI machines fall short due to size, weight, clearance, and environmental conditions. Mek’s modular platform offers a customizable solution, making it adaptable to your unique production environment. Many integrators have already successfully incorporated Mek’s modular AOI into complex THT production lines.

Complementing the SpectorBOX is the Mek VeriSpector AOI,  which provides manual assembly guidance and inspection, creating a comprehensive THT inspection solution for the entire assembly process. Mek’s Catch system streamlines the transfer of inspection data for repair, statistical process control (SPC), monitoring, and communication with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), managed by IT departments beyond the factory floor.

SpectorBOX Integration

Top and bottom automatic optical inspection

For those who don’t want to compromise on inspection, two SpectorBOX modular AOI systems can be combined for simultaneous Bottom-Up and Top-Down inspection with up to 18 cameras.

The SpectorBOX modular AOI can be integrated into your production line by your local supplier or inserted in an existing production line using a solution developed by one of our partners. The Fenix Main Frame  is a turnkey AOI solution allowing easy integration of one or two SpectorBOX modular AOI systems into the production line.

The modular concept allows the following inspection positions in THT soldering lines:

  1. Feed Conveyor: Top-Down to inspect for correct insertion of components into the PCB
  2. Feed Conveyor: Bottom-Up to inspect pin insertions pre-soldering or solder joints post soldering
  3. Return Conveyor: Bottom-Up to inspect solder joints on the return conveyor

A combination of any two of the above is possible.

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