With Unique Artificial Intelligence

One of the greatest challenges in programming Automatic Optical Inspection equipment is the detection of all non-conforming placements, especially those related to solder joints, without having to spend lots of time on debugging and complex programming.

Metrological Full 3D AOI is achieved by measuring all 3 dimensions (X, Y and Height) to detect every measurable solder and component defect pre-reflow and/or post reflow soldering.

Our Full 3D Automated Optical Inspection product range took several years to develop and is designed using the very latest that modern AOI technology has to offer in terms of both hardware and software. This results in a unique self-learning algorithm for solder joint inspection that detects any deviation outside the expected standard appearance of a solder joint. Our high specification and high accuracy 3D AOI system is easy to program, with programmer independent inspection results.

AOI With Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence is continuously and centrally monitoring production and adjusting hundreds of tolerance values, where needed, to maximize detection and minimize false calls. The programmer does not have to specify  the package types or acceptance criteria. This not only reduces AOI programming time, but more importantly removes the often-unpredictable human variable to ensure that the inspection results are more reliable.

For full 3D solder and component measurement, Mek has different inline Automated Optical Inspection solutions to suit any production line, depending on maximum PCB dimensions, minimum component size to be placed and single or dual lane line requirements.

There is always a Mek 3D AOI solution.

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