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ISO-Spector S2 SPI System

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ISO-Spector S2

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Solder Paste Inspection – Mek ISO-Spector S2 5D SPI System

The Mek ISO-Spector S2 5D Solder Paste Inspection machine (SPI)  is a new breed of powerful process control tool, which enables manufacturers to quickly and easily tune and adjust their print process.

The patented 5D inspection sensor technology allows for simultaneous capture of colour 2D imaging and accurate and repeatable 3D images using a single sensor; high speed capture with switchable resolution on the fly; shadow free measurements using dual combined 3D and 5D image processing; inspecting beyond the Aperture; inspection of volume, area, height offset, bridge, slumping and detection of anomalies in printing. The result is the ability for defect detection beyond that previously possible.

Using either stencil gerber, paste layer gerber or golden board, programing is typically less than 5 minutes utilising Mek proprietary gerber conversion software, either online or offline. There is full program transportability between machines. Multisampling laser and colour 2D imaging allows for the accurate capture of the PCB and paste. Colour extraction of the PCB enables the correct determination of the required zero reference, as well as below zero reference solder paste issues and true area inspection.

Dynamic Z axis reduces warp induced image distortion and provides accurate offset measurement with no loss of 3D volume height accuracy.

All of these provide instant yield improvement when utilising the SPI machine to correct printer settings and intercept printing errors accelerating return on investment, improving quality and reducing rework costs.

  • Solder Paste defect detection with combined 3D and 2D SPI technology
  • 12MP camera with 18/9 Micron optional 12/6 micron for 008003 pad geometries
  • Telecentric Blue/Violet lasers for higher pixel stability and higher accuracy and repeatability
  • Topographical 3D zero referencing
  • Shadow free measurement – Both accuracy and precision

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