Island AOIMek (Marantz Electronics) PowerSpector

Island AOI

Island AOIMek (Marantz Electronics) PowerSpector


Fully Automated
Centralised AOI
for Multiple Lines

Fully Automated Island AOI

PCB inspection in an island setup, where an Automatic Optical Inspection machine is combined with loader/unloader units, is often the AOI setup of preference as it provides several advantages in terms of automation and comfort. However, usually a big price tag is attached because it requires a conveyor AOI system (inline) with two PCB handling units.

The Mek Powerspector fully automated Island AOI combines the lower cost Marantz PowerSpector Desktop AOI system with one loading/unloading unit for unmanned operation during inspection. With the small footprint of the island, it has the flexibility to be placed anywhere in the production area for a multitude of inspection tasks.

Powered by the new GTAz inspection engine for quality inspection of solder joints

The PowerSpector GTAz inspection engine, X2 faster than the previous generation of inspection head, is designed for customers for whom production quality is priority.

GTAz is the most versatile inspection engine from Mek, reliably inspecting SMT and THT component bodies for defects such as component presence/absence, type, polarity, offset, text, colours etc. and components solder fillets for miss alignment, excessive solder, insufficient solder, no solder, shorts, lifted leads, solder bridging etc. Suitable for use in pre reflow, post reflow, post wave and post selective soldering, it can also be used for 2D solder paste inspection and first article inspection.

With a revolutionary Passive 3D capture technique utilizing the side cameras, 3D component images are created using our 9 camera technology. The addition of a new White side light allows for real sides images of these 3D components.

With its high resolution top camera with telecentric lens and new unique multiplexed 8x USB 3 Vision side camera technology with shift tilt lenses in 45/45 orientation, defects become visible as never before. For the top camera there is a choice between 10µ and 18.75µ per pixel lenses depending on the smallest component placed on the assembled PCB’s.

The 4 light sources with 2 different colours and from different angles create a detailed profile of solder menisci while the white main light results in real colour representation of components. With the DOAL (Diffused On Axis Light) that projects exactly 90⁰ on the target components, solder quality can always be inspected even when tall components are present.

The Z axis allows for compensation of warp and the ability to focus in on the tops of tall components and Sub PCBs mounted above the normal plain of the PCB

Combined with Catch yield enhancement software, Mek Desktop PowerSpector AOI is a completely closed loop, powerful process monitoring and quality control tool.

The result is one of the most efficient, cost-effective, fully automated AOI solutions on the market today.


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