99 Problems but Inspection ain’t one. At least not when using Mek 3D AOI equipment!

With 23 years of specialization in AOI solutions, Marantz Electronics (Mek) knows what you truly need when it comes to AOI systems: A full quality-control tool, with maximized defects coverage, with minimum human interaction, at the lowest cost. Right?

Our wide range of AOI solutions with cutting edge 3D technologies come in compact benchtop models to large XXL-size inline systems. At the heart of these systems are (full profile) height measurement capabilities enabled by methods varying from passive stereoscopic to multi-source active projection triangulation height measurement.


The accuracy and repeatability of Marantz Electronics systems guarantee you the highest level of quality for your assembled PCB’s.

So just what does make our 3D AOI solutions special?

  • Minimized need of an operator because of close to zero false calls
  • Accurate measurement of heights of even shiny and reflective cylindrical shaped components
  • Measure heights and display shapes of visible solder joints for detection of all kinds of solder related defects based on their profilometry
  • Inspect world’s smallest chip size of 008004
    Suitable for THT component and solder inspections
  • Industry’s fastest programming times
    Offline programming and debugging
  • Comfortable and user friendly verification and repair stations
  • Detailed SPC tools
  • Smart inputs and outputs for Industry 4.0 compatibility

Our systems are all 100% finished products, proven and ready for your 24/7 production environments!

Download ISO-Spector M1A brochure

Download ISO-Spector SL350/510 brochure


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