ISO-Spector M2 Full 3D AOI

& Debugging

ISO-Spector full 3D AOI

ISO-Spector Offline Programming & Debugging

To reduce production downtime costs related to system programming,  for inline AOI solutions offline programming is usually a ‘must’ rather than an ‘option’.  An Automatic Optical Inspection machine that is part of the manufacturing line cannot be occupied for any substantial period of time or it can potentially form a bottleneck in production.

For 2D AOI systems it is the norm to have offline programming stations available, but it is far less common to create programs offline for Full 3D AOI systems. This is because of operational and technical restrictions of the hardware.

Unique for Full 3D AOI systems, Mek ISO-Spector allows 100% of programs to be completely developed offline. A full 3D profile of the board is acquired during the first run of the PCB and there is no need to import the centroid data and libraries first.

The Mek offline programming station is also a full debugging station that enables the fine-tuning of programs remotely and on-the-fly, during production. As the full 3D profile data of every inspected PCB is available after each PCB measurement during production, any defects found can be analysed and debugged wherever necessary.

Then, with literally one push of a button, the parameters on the ISO-Spector AOI system are updated. Only a network connection is required.


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