Mek turns AOI On Its Head with In-Line Bottom Side PCB Inspection

Mek Bottom-Up Modular AOI
Mek Bottom-Up Modular AOI

At last month’s Productronica exhibition we successfully launched the new SpectorBOX “Bottom-Up” Modular AOI system. The system replaces traditional board flipping alternatives in less space and at lower cost. 

 Optimized for the inspection of Wave & Selective soldering of THT & SMT components, SpectorBOX is designed to inspect PCB’s inside solder frames directly from the conveyor system.  With its totally new mechanical platform, it is the only modular AOI in the market that can be equipped with 9 cameras, including an optional Z-axis moveable head to precisely position and focus for varying PCB distance and warpage.  The XY drive gantry with ball screw mechanics delivers high speed inspection while maintaining high accuracy and precision.  Specially coated shafts deliver quiet operation and minimize wear to virtually eliminate maintenance and calibration requirements.  With its general purpose I/O, SpectorBOX can be simply interfaced with existing or new conveyor systems.

100% simultaneous inspection can be accomplished with two SpectorBOX platform modules combined for bottom and top sides, incorporating up to 18 cameras.  Board sizes up to 550×520 mm (21.7” x 20.5”) can be accommodated.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to find out more. 


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