R.H. Technologies now running eleven Mek AOI systems

RH Technologies purchases MekMek (Marantz Business Electronics), has recently announced the installation of its tenth and eleventh AOI system at RH Technologies.

The Israel headquartered EMS provider recently commissioned two new PowerSpector FDAz in-line AOI systems, complementing the existing 9 Mek systems. Specializing in communication, security, medical and automotive equipment assembly, R.H. offers a wide range of enhanced services developed over 30 years of EMS operations and experience.  Fundamental to their latest selection of AOI equipment were the essential needs for rapid programming and superior false defect ratios.

Itzik Vidomsky, RH Technology Manager, commented, “Two new SMT assembly lines incorporating MEK FDAz AOI systems were authorized by our high reliability industrial electronics  customers. The resolution, illumination and accuracy of the new machines is considerably improved and the nine cameras generate even more useful data than their predecessors.  This additional data has led to significant advancements in our testing programs and overall SMT process.”

With eleven systems currently in-house, seamlessly centralized control is a significant benefit offered by Mek system software.  Inspection results data from all machines are presented in one central location with maximum real-time performance overview.  In a matter of seconds the necessary statistical data can be read from one location, enabling a single operator to control all machines.  In addition, from that same single location, any program can be adjusted on-the-fly, with no need to move around the factory floor from machine to machine.

Inline PowerSpector FDAz reliably inspects SMT and THT component bodies for presence/absence, type, polarity, offset, text, colours etc. and components solder fillets for excessive, insufficient, no solder, shorts or lifted leads. With its high resolution top camera with telecentric lens and new unique multiplexed 8x CameraLink side camera technology with shift tilt lenses in 45/45 orientation, defects become visible as never before.



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