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MekCare Service & Support FAQs

Mek has been supplying powerful Automated Optical Inspection systems for over 25 years. With each passing year customers have increasingly higher demands for support and inspection specialization of AOI/SPI systems in complex IT environments. Mek is continually investing in people and training to be able to offer its customers that higher level of support, and now also provides the option of taking out a service subscription to ensure that you are always covered.

As of April 1, 2021, Mek (Marantz) has introduced MekCare service & support packages. This service will be available for all customers worldwide. MekCare is a fixed cost service subscription for Mek AOI/SPI systems that are out of the warranty period. The MekCare service subscriptions guarantee full support, maintenance, calibration and service replacement parts (Warranty Plus) for your Mek system.

Below you will find some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the process for taking out one of our MekCare service plans.

What does MekCare mean for me?

A MekCare subscription means that the Mek technical team is always ready to provide telephone or online support.
Your Mek product will be calibrated and maintained carefully and on time. Mek will contact you to make a maintenance/calibration appointment on your preferred date.
During maintenance, your Mek product will be updated with the latest available software. A certificate of the calibration will be issued.

I would like a MekCare subscription. What should I do?

If you’d like to take out a MekCare service & support contract you can contact Mek directly to discuss the best option for you:

MEK Europe BV
+31 40 711 4111

MEK Americas LLC
+1 702 660 6112

I have chosen a MekCare REMOTE subscription. What happens now?

After your formal order you will receive a confirmation and a digital form to fill in with some information about the
machine. You will need to email it back to us and we will then send you the complete subscription registration information.

I have chosen a MAINTENANCE & CALIBRATION or WARRANTY PLUS MekCare subscription. What happens now?

As with REMOTE, we will send you a form to complete and then after the contact is in place we’ll contact you to set up the appointment for the next maintenance and possible training. It is of course also possible for you to contact us yourself.

I recently bought a new Mek system, do I need to purchase a MekCare plan?

For the first year after purchase your machine already includes a 1-year factory warranty, which is
comparable with MekCare WARRANTY PLUS. After the first year a MekCare plan of your choice can be

I have several Mek (Marantz) AOI systems. Do I have to purchase a separate MekCare service plan for each system?

Yes, each machine should have its own MekCare service plan. To make it easy, the service plans within an organisation should be the same for all your machines. An appropriate discount will be applied to reduce the total amount. Please enquire about a suitable package. In general, for each additional machine an extra 5% discount on the total will be applied.

Is a MekCare service plan automatically renewed?

Yes, your plan will be automatically renewed unless cancelled 1 month before the expiry date. You will receive an automatic email reminding you of the pending renewal.

What are the consequences if I do not take out a MekCare subscription?

To be eligible for ongoing AOI / SPI support, at least the REMOTE plan is required. Also, access to the online
features included with the plans such as Software downloads and iMentor training are terminated. Without a
plan, normal service fees will be charged should support be requested.

To find out more about MekCare and the three different subscription levels available, visit our MekCare page.


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