Mek Side Cameras equipped with Tilt-Shift Optics

Objects viewed with an angular camera and conventional optics, typically show geometrical distortion across the Field of View, caused by varying distances from the camera sensor. Typically objects further away from the sensor appear smaller than objects closer to the sensor.

In AOI this is an undesired characteristic because inspection strategies and parameters are preferably kept identical, regardless of camera distance.

Focal range is also preferred to be constant for the whole Field of View to allow the same object inspection parameters regardless of the position in the Field of View.

Mek has overcome both these challenges by the use of customised Tilt-Shift optical technology. Across the whole field of view of the side cameras, both distortion and de-focus are reduced to increase inspection depth and stability.

• Side Cameras equipped with Tilt-Shift Optics

• Optimal distortion free and sharp side camera images across the complete Field of View

• Constant focus of the complete Field of View

• Elimination of optical distortion of objects at different distances from the camera

• Constant inspection paramaters across the Field of View


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