Welcome to Inspection Matters

Welcome to Inspection Matters, one of many Mek initiatives and an integral part of our new web site. We hope you enjoy it!

For those of you new to Mek, or even for some with whom we’ve done business only through our global partner network, a little background…

We’re a former division of Marantz…well known for premium Audio/Video products. MEK Japan (Marantz Electronics Kabushiki Kaisha) developed its first AOI system in 1994. Designed to inspect PCB assemblies for correct component placement and soldering, our original AOI system was designed to be used in Marantz manufacturing facilities. Proving to be a highly successful, cost-effective alternative, Mek then developed its first generation commercial system in 1996. With a steadily growing installed base, MEK Japan and its European and Americas division, Mek Europe BV, have sold over 8000 units worldwide to date.

We’ve become a well established force in AOI technologies, as you can see from the news stories and customer testimonials elsewhere on the site. Last year we launched a ‘5D’ post-print SPI system that combines 3D and 2D image processing methodologies to deliver unprecedented solder paste defect detection. The response has been simply fantastic and we’re excited about the future…

We’ve always taken pride in our unique approach to the technology and the industry; our invitation to “Escape the Grey World” has been welcomed since 2006 by many. Inspection Matters will be a place to find out what’s new or interesting inside & outside our company, and to share opinions and perspectives…ours AND yours… and to overall better get to know the people and the ideas that make Mek what it is.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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