Mek partners with SMT Job Data Generation specialist


Mek (Marantz Electronics) is partnering with Korean SMT Job Data Generation specialist NAMKANG HI-TECH CO., LTD.
NAMKANG HI-TECH provides software solutions to generate mounting and inspection data from PCB design related files such as Gerber, ECAD Design and CAD XY Data. This data can be created quickly and easily through the company’s ePM tools which employ unique data processing technology based on many years of experience in the SMT industry.

ePM conversion software is famous for its versatile conversion capabilities of all sources of SMT data into machine-ready programming data to enable efficient programming of AOI machines.

Although the focus of ePM is on SMT programming for SPI and AOI machines, the collaboration between Mek and Namkang also includes dedicated solutions for efficient THT programming, based on various data sources, such as Gerber, centroid, ODB++ and many more.

The fast and easy programming of Mek AOI machines will now be further enhanced by adding the ePM data conversion capabilities to our powerful programming tools, not only for SMT, but also for THT AOI. These include fast recipe programming for large variations in solder joints which are the very essence of THT assembly.

Mek is renowned for its THT inspection algorithms and their ability to cope with the large process variations in pads, PCB technology and surface, Pin types, insertion methods and different soldering technologies such as Reflow, Wave, Selective and Laser.

Using ePM as an additional tool, these algorithms can now be combined with a large portfolio of data sources to simplify programming, QA reporting and connectivity with other i4.0 and MES servers.


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