Off line programming

OLT22 Off Line

Build your New Inspection
Programmes on a Virtual
Machine for Seamless
Product Transfers

Mek OLT22 Off Line Programming

With a user interface identical to the user interface on the machine software, no additional knowledge or training is required. PCB’s can be programmed without occupying the AOI machine so that production is not interrupted.

The off line software uses virtual images created by any Mek AOI system. Even when the Mek AOI has multi-lights with different colours and from different angles, the software handles it just like programming the PCB with a machine.

Another important feature of the off line software is that programmers are given the ability to debug running programs as the machines provide images of possible false defects. Combine this with easy debugging tools and programs can be dynamically improved during production – all from the comfort of a quiet office.

Tact simulations for upcoming projects are possible by only providing centroid data. For very high speed lines where two or more AOI machines are placed in sequence, the off line software splits a program between the machines to achieve the shortest possible inspection time and maximum productivity.


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