3D AOI system with Artificial Intelligence based 100% automatic programming

The ISO-Spector M1A 3D Automated Optical Inspection system introduces Artificial Intelligence based 100% automatic programming for solder joints in 3D and semi-automatic programming of component bodies. Measurement results are completely operator independent. Production-ready programming time averages under 2 minutes per unique part number, from scratch.

The sophistication of the M1A AOI software further includes push button switchable IPC Class I II or III values and single click detection of a full range of foreign material, while OCR enables seamless automatic changes of component supplier variants.  Programming results on the M1A AOI system are the same whether done by a beginner or an experienced technician.

The M1A hardware is comprehensively the highest specification of any full 3D AOI system. The system  includes not only a 25-megapixel camera, but also a massive 69mm x 69mm Field of View (FOV), which dramatically enhances cycle time vs. the typical 40mm x 40mm found elsewhere. Large connectors fit inside one field of view, further reducing programming time. Its multi-frequency projector with an almost vertical, 80-degree angle of projection, ensures virtually no shadows so all components can be measured in true 3D, even when closely located together. Component heights up to 25mm can be measured, which is 2-5 times the typical industry offering, and dual Y direction motors increase positional accuracy. The M1A AOI system can be further enhanced with4x angular view cameras.

The M1A AOI is of course 4.0 compatible with placement machines and seamless connection to SPI machines. Export data supports existing MES.

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