Boost Your THT Inspection Efficiency with Mek VeriSpector Inline THT AOI!

VeriSpector Inline THT AOI

Mek (Marantz Electronics) is thrilled to introduce the game-changing Mek VeriSpector Inline, an affordable inline THT AOI system designed for inspecting THT components before they enter wave or selective soldering machines to enhance inspection efficiency and accuracy in through-hole assembly processes.

 Lightning-Fast Inspection Times, Real-Time Feedback: Say goodbye to defects entering the soldering process! Mek VeriSpector Inline offers lightning-fast inspection times, allowing real-time assembly and placement inspection. With instant feedback, you can prevent faults in manual assembly, boosting effectiveness and ensuring top-notch quality in your manufacturing processes.

Inline Configuration for Cost Optimization: No more separate inspections at each manual assembly station! Our inline configuration optimizes your investment costs while ensuring robustness and compatibility. Developed in collaboration with Nutek, a trusted provider of Board Handling & Traceability Equipment, VeriSpector Inline allows you to fully automate the inspection process with a wide range of options.

Powered by Renowned 22X Software: Rest assured of reliable performance with Mek VeriSpector Inline. Powered by the renowned 22X Software, widely used in the PCB assembly industry, this system offers a perfect balance between ease of programming and the power and speed of proven inspection algorithms.

Flexible Inspection Capabilities for Varied Needs: VeriSpector Inline is a versatile solution that can address various inspection needs. From detecting presence/absence and orientation to verifying shape, offset, polarity, text, fiducials, and even damaged object detection, it has got you covered! You can also rely on it for 1D and 2D barcode reading, color checks, and assembly material fittings.

High-Definition Resolution and Camera Options: Capture fine details with crisp and clear resolution using the standard 24MP camera and high-definition lens included with Mek VeriSpector Inline. Need even higher resolution? We offer upgrades to 42MP or 60MP cameras to meet your specific application requirements.

Seamless Connectivity and Traceability: Achieve seamless connectivity and traceability with Mek VeriSpector Inline. It is fully compatible with our comprehensive Mek Catch System, enabling features such as data collection, post-defects classification, post-reworking, data reporting, and data analysis.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your THT inspection processes to the next level with Mek VeriSpector Inline.

Download the brochure for more technical information and to explore how this advanced AOI system can transform your manufacturing operations.

Enhance your inspection efficiency and accuracy today!


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