Limited-Time Offer: Transform Your Inspection Process with the iSpector JDz 350 AOI System

We have an exclusive offer that will revolutionize your inspection capabilities and provide unparalleled precision and efficiency. The iSpector JDz 350 Automatic Optical Inspection System is available at an unbeatable special price for a limited time only.


Unlock Unparalleled Performance:

While the iSpector JDz 350 AOI system has been revered in the industry for its exceptional performance, this limited-time offer is your chance to experience its full potential without compromise. Equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, coaxial lighting, and advanced 3D meniscus profiling algorithms, this advanced desktop AOI system guarantees unmatched inspection performance for both SMT and THT solder joints.

Flexibility Without Boundaries:

At the heart of the iSpector JDz 350 lies its Z-axis flexibility, empowering you to inspect objects at varying height levels effortlessly. Whether it’s sandwiched PCBs, tall components, or positional measurement of tall connector pins, this system is designed to handle it all with ease. Enjoy a large Field of View of 36.0mm x 30.0mm and a remarkable 15µ resolution, ensuring nothing escapes your inspection process.

Seamless Integration, Easy Programming:

The iSpector JDz 350 boasts a user-friendly interface, making programming a breeze for your operators. With easy integration into your existing production line, you can swiftly elevate your inspection capabilities without disrupting your operations.


  • Maximum PCB Size: 350x250mm (13.8″ x 9.8″)
  • Component Clearance: +40mm (1.6″)/-60mm (-2.2”)(optionally +60/-70 mm extended top clearance)
  • Lighting System: Triple LED : White Main ,Red Side, DOAL White
  • Camera: 5 MP CCD digital with USB 3 Vision
  • Camera Field Of View: 36.0mm x 30mm (1.42” x 1.18”) 15μm
  • Parts Inspection : Presence, Polarity, Offset, OCV, Soldering
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Dedicated Support

As part of our commitment to providing the best AOI solutions, we will soon be offering the iSpector JDz 520, the big brother of the JDz 350 system, as our new entry-level offering. But, rest assured that the JDz 350 will continue to receive the same level of dedicated support, ensuring seamless integration into your electronics manufacturing process.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and transform your inspection process today.

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