New Polish Representatives Visit Mek (Marantz Electronics) Offices for Sales and Technical Training

Sowa Electronics vsit Mek (Marantz Electronics) Offices for Sales and Technical Training

We recently hosted our newly appointed Polish representatives, SOWA Electronics, for comprehensive sales and technical training at our headquarters in Tilburg, Netherlands. The focus of this meeting was to introduce the extensive Mek portfolio and shed light on the reasons behind Mek’s success in the Polish market. A key element of this success is attributed to Mek’s commitment to offering expertise and swift support through MekCare support and maintenance.

The event not only provided SOWA Electronics engineers with the tools and insights needed to effectively represent and support the MEK range of AOI equipment but also was a vital occasion for us all to build solid relationships.

Exploring MEK Advanced Inspection Technology

One of the key focuses of our training was to provide an in-depth understanding of Mek’s advanced AOI solutions, particularly our state-of-the-art 3D AOI system, ISO-Spector, which features the electronics industry’s highest hardware specifications and offers an exceptionally convenient fast automatic programming method while achieving production ready inspection results with very short cycle times.

We take immense pride in being a market leader in the THT AOI sector & during the sessions we showcased the VeriSpector AOI and the SpectorBOX Modular AOI, both game-changing solutions for real-time inspection of THT components before wave or selective soldering.

We offered hands-on experience in Mek AOI equipment setup, calibration, and maintenance, allowing SOWA Electronics to become trusted technical advisors. With this practical experience and insight, they are now better equipped to present Mek’s AOI equipment and explain the unique benefits of the systems, address customer concerns, and showcase how these technologies enhance quality control processes, streamline production efficiency, and contribute to operational excellence.

Mastering Machine Software and Expertise

A critical part of the training revolved around familiarization with the intricacies of Mek’s AOI software, which we have continuously refined over almost 30 years. The immersive training equips our reps with the proficiency to effectively navigate and utilize Mek’s software, ensuring that they can offer comprehensive guidance to our customers.

Recognizing the significance of equipment maintenance, the training sessions addressed the servicing of Mek systems for annual maintenance at customer sites and updating machine software to the latest versions – unlocking the full potential of the equipment. A significant number of our customers have now enlisted for a MekCare service and support package, which encompasses their servicing needs. These packages have been globally introduced with the aim of maximizing system uptime, and they incorporate procedures designed to further reduce the maintenance needs of our inherently low-maintenance systems.

A Glimpse into Mek’s Business Ethics

The training sessions extended beyond technical aspects to explore the ethical framework that underpins Mek’s operations and how we maintain high levels of customer satisfaction while consistently working to expand our market share through continuous innovation.

Collaboration is key, as we understand that success is a team effort. Our honesty and trust form the basis of our integrity, making us reliable partners. And our genuine passion for what we do drives us to excel.

A Step Towards Collaborative Growth

By investing in our distribution network, we ensures that our advanced AOI technology reaches customers with expertise and professionalism. This approach fosters a network of representatives and distributors who are not only knowledgeable about the technology but are also committed to delivering real value to their clients.



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