Meet The Team – Erik van Reusel

Our ‘meet the team’ series is designed to help you learn a little more about who we are, what we do, and what we find important. It could give potential customers an idea of who you’ll be working with and just a glimpse of what our culture is like.

Today we chat to Sales Engineer, Erik van Reusel.

Mek sales engineer, Erik Van ReuselWhat kind of work do you do at Mek / what are you responsible for?

I install and maintain Mek AOI machines and deliver after-sales support and training to our customers. During my time at Mek I have specialized in the Mek ISO-Spector 3D AOI systems. Despite the programming process of these AOIs being very independent of the programmer, we still receive many questions that need to be answered. The support we offer is mostly done remotely, especially since the pandemic, but occasionally, I go out in the field to meet customers face to face.

I use my coding knowledge to develop innovative AOI software to meet the various requirements of our customers. In the industry that we’re working in, we deal with lots of data issues: different forms of data, sometimes the lack of data and other times a need to present the data in a different way. As a developer you want to keep all scenarios open and build a solution that is as universal as it can get without ignoring specific requirements from the customer.

We are in the process of launching EZPro, a tool to speed up the programming process of our AOI machines. This project involves interpreting different types of input, processing and visualizing it and eventually converting it to something that our machines can work with.

My coding work doesn’t end with building tools for our AOI machines, I was also very involved with the design of our iMentor platform, our portal for software downloads and online training. I like to start such projects and bring them to a successful finish.

What makes your work so enjoyable?

Since the beginning of my career at MEK, there has not been two days the same. It’s not a regular nine-to-five job, spending your time behind your laptop. And even if it is behind a computer, the job is always different, and I never go home without learning something new. I love to get in touch with customers and distributors and always feel satisfied when I have been able to help them. This wouldn’t be possible without a friendly team of colleagues, who are always available to help me if I stumble upon an issue that is unknown to me.

What are your hobbies or what do you like to do outside of work?

I love to work on my car and share that hobby with others and listening to music. Apart from that, I am always up for a drink at the bar or a good meal together with friends and family.


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