Neways Electronics Enjoys AOI Technology Training at Mek

AOI machine training at Mek

Neways Electronics is an international EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) provider with locations in the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and the United States. They deliver customised solutions for the complete product life cycle of electronic components and complete, box-built electronic control systems. Their focus is primarily on small to medium-sized specialist electronics companies, where quality, flexibility and time-to-market play a crucial role. Neways products are used in market sectors such as Semiconductor, Medical, Automotive and Industrial.

Neways puts a huge emphasis on in-house testing and their combination of development and test knowledge ensures a high quality product and makes zero-defect deliveries a reality. A high first-pass yield and a low field return rate ensure minimum warranty and quality-related costs further down the line.

In line with Neways dedication to quality, improving operational efficiencies and advancing technological capabilities, the company earlier this year invested in a new Mek Automated Optical Inspection System, the PowerSpector GDAz 650. Investment in AOI technologies ensures that their customers’ products are manufactured to best in class quality.

Four members of the Neways team recently travelled to the Mek (Marantz Electronics) training facilities in Tilburg for hands-on SMT and THT training on the inspection machine. Managed by Mek Sales Engineer, Ruben Staps, the training session took place over 2 days.

Mek take great pride in solving the problems of our customers with our innovative AOI technology. It is our goal to educate, advise and assist customers so that they are able to use our AOI systems with confidence and maximise the potential benefits. As well as ongoing training, Mek offers Service and Maintenance packages designed to optimise system uptime and include carefully structured procedures to further minimise our AOI systems’ designed-in low maintenance requirements.


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