Mek crowns Gen 3 Partner of the Year 2021

2021 was a remarkably challenging time, with widespread changes affecting the entire world, like never seen before. Despite the difficult business landscape, 2021 was another great year for Mek UK sales and our UK partner, Gen 3.

To celebrate the accomplishments of our best performing supply chain partner we have awarded them our ‘Partner of the Year’ award. The recipient of the Partner of the Year award is determined by industry performance in multiple capacities, including: sales figures, effectiveness in selling new products, and growth in the number of new customers year-on-year. We are thrilled to report that Gen 3 has performed admirably in all areas!

They sold multiple inline AOI systems, with multi-machine sales to several customers including Siemens among others. And they also made the first UK sale of our new manual assembly station AOI, VeriSpector. Although it was not the highest level of sales from our distributors, it was the most improved on previous sales numbers in what was a very a tough year.

CEO Andy Naisbitt, pictured right with MEK’s Jeremy Saise, commented on acceptance of this award, “Gen3 are proud to receive this award from our long-standing partners, MEK. We are delighted that even with the difficult period through COVID, the Gen3 team were able to improve our sales and support our customer’s needs. Particular thanks to our Jack McCaigue and Graham Dickson for driving the improvement.”

We would like to congratulate Gen 3 for their pioneering efforts & resourcefulness to create so many opportunities in the UK market. This has placed us in a very strong position for 2022.



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